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100% Guarantee

Guaranteed Efficiency Program

Your fleet prospects can become fleet customers when they realize the cost savings that can be achieved with qualified commercial heavy-duty CITGO engine oils. We give you two testing and evaluation options to prove it:

Fuel Economy/Miles Per Gallon Optimization - guarantees up to 3 percent fuel economy savings.

Oil Drain Interval Optimization - guarantees up to triple time between oil changes.

The Guaranteed Efficiency Program is designed to allow fleets to try qualifying CITGO commercial engine oils - and supplemental efficiency products - to demonstrate cost savings at no risk. We are confident that we can improve the efficiency of your fleet. The bottom line is by switching to CITGO-recommended commercial products during a test period, fleets can save up to 3 percent in fuel economy or up to triple the time between oil changes as monitored by our HD LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program. Guaranteed, or double the money back. Click here for program details; or here to access forms.

Double Your Money Back

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