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TRANSGARD Multi-Purpose Green ATF

CITGO TRANSGARD Multi-Purpose Green ATF is an automatic transmission fluid designed and formulated with greater than twenty percent of re-refined group II base oil for use in electronically-controlled transmissions and specifically designed for use in General Motors transmission calling for DEXRON-III, DEXRON-IIE, and DEXRON-II fluids. It can also be used in Ford transmissions calling for MERCON type ATFs. Meets the performance requirements for Allison Transmission Division (C-4) and major hydraulic pump manufacturers’ requirements for anti-wear hydraulic fluids. Recommended for use in automatic transmissions manufactured by General Motors and Ford for model years 2006 prior (except those calling for Ford Type “F” Fluid, MERCON SP, MERCON V, DEXRON VI, and CVT fluids). It is a truly multifunctional transmission fluid for passenger cars, trucks, construction and mining equipment, farm machinery, and other mobile and industrial systems. Consult owner’s manual for proper lubricant selection.

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  • TRANSGARD Multi-Purpose Green ATF
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  • * 55 Gallon New Drum
TRANSGARD Multi-Purpose Green ATF
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