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SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease No. 2

The CITGO SynDurance product line represents the latest in technology using synthetic PAOs in greases and is recommended for extended service applications; reducing operating costs and extending component life. The CITGO SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Greases are available in two NLGI Grades: #00 and #2. Compatible with conventional Lithium and Lithium Complex greases. They contain extreme pressure (EP) additives and provide superior corrosion protection.
PI Sheets
SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 120# FOH Drum Lined
  • * 35# Metal Pail
  • * 400# New FOH-L Drum
  • * 50/14oz Tubes
SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease No. 2
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