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SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease No. 00 Red

CITGO SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease #00 Red represents the latest in technology using synthetic PAOs in greases and is recommended for extended service applications; reducing operating costs and extending component life. It is designed as a high performance synthetic grease specifically for trailer wheel-ends operating under a wide range of conditions. It can also be utilized in industrial gear cases where operating temperatures are high, where conventional semi-fluid grease will not produce adequate lubricant life. Specially formulated to perform in demanding conditions of high and low temperatures, this grease offers the potential for energy savings and reduction in operating temperatures. Compatible with most Lithium and Lithium Complex greases. It is recommended for use in trailer axles, implement gear boxes, motorized wheelchair gear boxes and motorized conveyor gear boxes. It flows smoothly and evenly at temperature extremes from -40° C up to 190° C with appropriate re-lubrication intervals.
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  • SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease No. 00 Red
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  • * 120# FOH Drum Lined
SynDurance Premium Synthetic 460 Grease No. 00 Red
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