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QuatraSyn Synthetic Transmission Fluid

CITGO QuatraSyn Synthetic Transmission Fluid is a full synthetic, multipurpose heavy duty transmission fluid designed for use in a variety of automatic transmission applications and is engineered for severe duty service. This fluid improves maintenance efficiency by extending transmission life, resulting in reduced downtime and lower repair costs, and also has the capability of extending the fluid service life compared to conventional transmission fluids. With a long history of proven performance by having been field tested in buses, refuse vehicles, construction material trucks, trailers and vehicles operating in stop and go conditions, it is recommended for use in automatic transmission applications where TES-295 fluid is specified. This is not an Allison approved fluid.
PI Sheets
  • QuatraSyn Synthetic Transmission Fluid
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SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 35# Plastic Pail Unlined
  • * 4/1 DH Gallon
  • * 55 Gallon New Drum
  • * Tank Truck
QuatraSyn Synthetic Transmission Fluid
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