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Premium Lithium EP Greases

CITGO Premium Lithium EP Greases are premium quality, lithium-12 greases containing extreme pressure, antiwear, antioxidant and anticorrosion additives. These greases are formulated with high quality base stocks. The smooth, buttery texture of the grease in conjunction with high quality mineral oil provides excellent pumpability over a wide temperature range. The extreme pressure agent provides the protection required to handle severe conditions characterized by high shock loads. Oxidation and corrosion inhibitors, and a high quality soap yield a product with excellent shear stability, load carrying properties, corrosion resistance and oxidation stability. The combination of these properties makes CITGO Premium Lithium EP Greases extremely versatile, thereby reducing the number of products required.
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  • Premium Lithium EP Greases
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SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 120# FOH Drum Lined
  • * 120# FOH Drum-UL
  • * 35# Metal Pail
  • * 400# New FOH-L Drum
  • * 400# New FOH-UL Drum
  • * 50/14oz Tubes
  • * Grease Tank Truck
  • * Grease Tote OWCB
Premium Lithium EP Greases
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