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Premium (LS) Gear Oil

CITGO Premium (LS) Gear Oil is a multipurpose, "limited slip" automotive gear lubricant. Selected additives impart extreme pressure properties which protect automotive gears operated under the most severe service conditions encountered in passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors, earthmoving, construction and other heavy-duty equipment. These additives impart the antiweld, antiscuff and antiwear properties which are necessary in heavy-duty applications. The friction modifier meets the requirements of "positive traction" or "limited slip" type differentials. Recommended for use where "multipurpose" gear oil or one suitable for API Service GL-5 is required.
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Packaging Size
  • * 120# New FOH-UL Drum
  • * 35# Plastic Pail
  • * 400# TH Drum
  • * Tank Truck
Premium (LS) Gear Oil
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