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Pacemaker SD Oils

CITGO Pacemaker SD "Super Demulsibility" Oils are high quality circulating lubrication oils, with superior oil/water separation characteristics, oxidation stability, and rust and corrosion protection specifically designed for steel mill applications. Available in viscosity grades 220, 320, 460 and 680. CITGO Pacemaker Oils exceed Siemens AG requirements for Morgoil® Advanced Bearing Lubricant "Super Demulsibility" specification. Recommended for circulating systems requiring AGMA R&O type lubricants operating in severe conditions such as water contamination. These products allow rapid oil separation from water at steel mill operating temperatures, especially in Morgan Construction Company steel mill roll bearings.
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  • * 330 Gallon OWCB Tote
  • * Tank Truck
Pacemaker SD Oils
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