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Pacemaker Oil 1640AE

CITGO Pacemaker 1640AE is an SAE 40 low ash stationary natural gas engine oil and anti-emulsion compressor lubricant. It is specially formulated to help prevent emulsion formation in high moisture gas conditions. High moisture gas is prevalent in shale and coal bed methane (CBM) production areas where water is introduced to the gas stream. This and other operating conditions can trigger oil and water emulsion in compressor systems and cause operating issues. Conventional low ash engine oils form emulsion under these conditions, requiring use of a separate compressor lubricant. CITGO Pacemaker 1640AE helps avoid use of separate lubricants by mitigating compressor emulsion without sacrificing engine protection. This product complies with engine manufacturers' warranties and meets non-selective catalytic converter requirements.
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Pacemaker Oil 1640AE
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