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Pacemaker LFG LA 40 Gas Engine Oil

CITGO Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil LFG LA 40 is a superior low ash, low phosphorus gas engine oil, designed for high output, 4-cycle natural gas engines operating on landfill and digester gas. As demonstrated in field service, this premium low ash package can significantly extend oil drain intervals, while minimizing the negative effects of ash deposits on sensitive engine components. Recommended for a wide range of engines that operate on landfill and digester gas, including engines manufactured by Caterpillar, Waukesha, GE Jenbacher, Deutz and Cummins. It has been approved by GE Jenbacher for use in type 2, 3, 4 and 6 engines (fuel classes B and C) and appears in their Technical Instruction TA 1000-1109.
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  • Pacemaker LFG LA 40 Gas Engine Oil
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Packaging Size
  • * 55 Gallon New Drum
  • * Tank Truck
Pacemaker LFG LA 40 Gas Engine Oil
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