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Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 935

CITGO Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 935 is a non-detergent stationary natural gas enzyme oil fortified with ashless inhibitors to resist oxidation, corrosion and foaming. It is available in a single viscosity grade at the point where the SAE 30 and SAE 40 grades meet. Formulated with high viscosity index base stocks combined with an excellent high-temperature ashless oxidation inhibitor to produce a non-detergent oil with exceptional thermal stability and low carbon residue. The Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 935 is recommended where a non-detergent oil is specified. Its principal applications are in 4-cycle horizontal engines, 2- and 4-cycle engines equipped with Fuller's earth by-pass filters, and in naturally-aspirated 2-cycle engines equipped with full flow filters. This product can also be used to lubricate compressor cylinders in natural gas service.
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Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 935
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