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Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 1900 XL Series

CITGO Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil (GEO) 1900 XL series are next-generation, premium-performance low ash and low phosphorus products. Particularly designed for high-output, 4-cycle natural gas engines operating under severe operating conditions. Formulated for highly loaded engines, the Pacemaker GEO 1900 XL series are well suited for high nitration conditions typically found in stoichiometric operation and are recommended in a wide range of engines operating on virtually any variation of natural, synthetic, digester, or landfill gas sources. These next generation products were developed to withstand the most rigorous demands of modern natural gas engines.
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Packaging Size
  • * 55 Gallon New Drum
  • * Tank Truck
Pacemaker Gas Engine Oil 1900 XL Series
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