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OverDrive HD Grease

CITGO OverDrive HD Grease is designed for applications where outstanding protection is required. With engine oil drain and relubrication intervals being extended, it is important to use a grease that provides superior performance that will protect and stay put, even under a wide variety of conditions. OverDrive HD is the ultimate grease for extended service applications. Recommended for applications where extreme stability, water resistance, corrosion resistance, wear protection, and EP protection are required. It is not recommended for use in disc brake wheel bearings. Due to the heavy base oil viscosity and tenacious polymer, it "stays put" and provide excellent performance in many off-road construction and mining applications.
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Packaging Size
  • * 120# FOH Drum Lined
  • * 400# New FOH-L Drum
  • * 50/14oz Tubes
  • * 120#FOH-UL
OverDrive HD Grease
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