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Multi-Purpose Air-Cooled 2-Cycle Engine Oil

CITGO Multi-Purpose Air-Cooled 2-Cycle Engine Oil is designed for use in air-cooled two-stroke engines. Engineered for lower smoke and protection against exhaust port blocking, combustion chamber and piston deposits, ring sticking and scuffing, and wear in today's high RPM air-cooled 2-cycle engines. It can be used in motorcycles, generators, lawnmowers, and hand held power equipment such as leaf blowers, trimmers, and chainsaws operating in hot, dirty, dusty environments and high loads for extended periods. Do not use in engines requiring an NMMA® TC-W3® product. Consult owners manual for Fluid Specification.
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  • * 12/1 Pint Bottles
  • * 12/1 Quart OS
Multi-Purpose Air-Cooled 2-Cycle Engine Oil
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