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Lithoplex ST Greases

CITGO Lithoplex ST Greases represent the latest technology in greases. They are high performance Lithium Complex greases that are industry tested to withstand high shock loads, extreme pressures and corrosive environment under a variety of mill conditions. Highly recommended for use in Rolling Mills, Work Rolls, Strip Mills, Drive U-Joint and Conveyer Bearings. Lithoplex ST greases are also recommended for use in other industrial equipment involving frequent contact with water. They contain heavy base oils to provide for good load and wear protection. They provide excellent protection against corrosion making CITGO Lithoplex ST Greases a good choice in many high moisture environments.
PI Sheets
SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 400# New FOH-UL Drum
  • * Customer Bulk Grease Tote
  • * Grease Tank Truck
  • * Grease Tote OWCB
Lithoplex ST Greases
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