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Lithoplex MP Greases

CITGO Lithoplex MP Greases represent the latest technology in greases. They are quality extreme pressure greases designed to be highly versitle and have long life. They provide dependable performance in a broad range of applications including automotive chassis, wheel bearing and other critical grease points. Excellent performance over a wide temperature range. They are multipurpose greases incorporating the following characteristics: excellent work stability, extreme pressure and anti-wear protection, corosion protection and oxidation resistant formulation. They contain extreme pressure (EP) additives and Molybdenum Disulfide (moly) to minimize wear in heavily loaded components. These greases satisfy a wide range of industrial and automotive applications including bearings, ball joints and bushings. Three NLGI consistencies are available.
PI Sheets
SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 12/1# Tub
  • * 120# FOH Drum Lined
  • * 120# FOH Drum-UL
  • * 400# New FOH-L Drum
  • * 400# New FOH-UL Drum
  • * 50/14oz Tubes
  • * Customer Bulk Grease Tote
  • * Grease Tank Truck
  • * Grease Tote OWCB
Lithoplex MP Greases
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