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Lithoplex CM Greases

CITGO Lithoplex CM and Lithoplex HM greases provide outstanding protection in construction and mining applications where exceptional wear protection is required due to heavy shock load conditions. These premium quality Lithium Complex greases contain Molybdenum Disulfide for additional protection in harsh environments which reduces frictional and abrasive wear on components. The results are increased equipment life and lower maintenance costs. They represent the latest technology in greases and contain extreme pressure (EP) additives, anti-wear (AW) additives, oxidation inhibitors, and corrosion inhibitors. They are suitable for use at higher temperatures than conventional soap greases.
PI Sheets
SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 120# FOH Drum Lined
  • * 35# Metal Pail
  • * 400# New FOH-L Drum
  • * 400# New FOH-UL Drum
  • * 50/14oz Tubes
  • * Grease Tank Truck
Lithoplex CM Greases
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