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HyDurance AW Synthetic Fluids

CITGO HyDurance AW Synthetic Fluids are premium ashless hydraulic fluids formulated with the highest quality synthetic base stocks and additives. These fluids offer outstanding chemical stability, anti-wear protection and resistance to sludge formation. Designed for use in vane, piston and gear pumps typically found in hydraulic and circulating systems. These fluids are designed to provide the excellent service life to pumps, servos and motors. They offer excellent low and high temperature performance providing a higher margin of equipment protection, beyond the capabilities of comparable mineral oils. The combination of synthetic base stocks and ashless additive package provide a product with exceptional oxidation stability allowing for extended drain and filter change intervals. High resistance to sludge formation helps assure clean and trouble free operation.
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  • HyDurance AW Synthetic Fluids
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Packaging Size
  • * 330 Gallon OWCB Tote
  • * 330 Gallon WC Tote
  • * 5 Gallon Plastic Pail
  • * 55 Gallon New Drum
HyDurance AW Synthetic Fluids
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