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HyDurance AW Super NZ Fluid

CITGO HyDurance AW Super NZ Fluid is a high efficiency, wide temperature use range hydraulic fluid. It is formulated with premium base stocks and ashless additives to provide long fluid life and outstanding protection for demanding mobile equipment hydraulic systems. Designed for increased hydraulic efficiency while providing excellent service life in vane, piston, and gear pumps when used in accordance with equipment manufacturer recommendations. ZINC FREE: Zinc compounds are regulated as priority pollutants under provisions of the Clean Water Act and SARA Title 313. Multigrade performance offers ISO 68 viscosity characteristics at high operating temperatures and ISO 32 viscosity characteristics at low operating temperatures.

PI Sheets
  • HyDurance AW Super NZ Fluid
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SD Sheets
Packaging Size
  • * 330 Gallon WC Tote
  • * 5 Gallon Plastic Pail
  • * 55 Gallon New Drum
HyDurance AW Super NZ Fluid
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