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Emgard® 2805 ATF

Emgard 2805 ATF is a full synthetic, multi-functional fluid for automatic and power shift transmissions. Emgard 2805 ATF is composed of selected basestocks and an advanced additive system which provides excellent performance in General Motors and Allison heavy duty transmissions. It has been approved for General Motors DEXRON-III, Allison TES-295 and Allison C-4.

Advantages of Emgard 2805 ATF:

  • Provides excellent performance due to the selected basestocks and advanced additive system, Emgard 2805 ATF provides high performance and extended drain capabilities in transmissions.
  • Excellent oxidation control: Full synthetic Emgard 2805 ATF has excellent thermal and oxidation stability which resists deposit formation. It has extended drain and filter change intervals in Allison TES-295 approved equipment.
  • Advanced wear control: The additive system provides excellent protection from corrosion, foaming, rust, and wear.
  • Use over wide temperature range: Emgard 2805 ATF utilizes high viscosity index synthetic base fluids which provide superior high/low temperature performance
  • Emgard 2805 ATF provides friction retention, friction durability, and excellent shear stability to ensure and maintain smooth transmission operations with extended drain intervals.
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Emgard® 2805 ATF
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