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Emgard MTF 7011

Emgard MTF 7011 synthetic manual transmission fluid is designed and recommended for typical commercial vehicle applications such as automated and manual transmissions, transfer cases, and gear boxes which require a non-EP type lubricant.  It is formulated to protect transmissions that use synchronizers in high shift duty-cycle applications and have PTO (Power Take Off) options.  It is approved for use in the Detroit™ DT12™ transmission and other Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle transmissions and transfer cases.  Mixing with other gear oils should be avoided.  In order to fully utilize the product’s benefits, a complete oil change is recommended.

Features and Benefits:

  • MB-Approval 235.11
  • All-season lubricant, recommended for both extreme hot and cold environments
  • Designed for protection of the transmission gear train used in heavy service paired with engine down-speeding conditions
  • Proven additive technology for synchronizer durability and performance
  • High thermal stability and protection against deposits and varnish
  • Excellent rust and copper corrosion protection
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Emgard MTF 7011
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