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CITGO Syntehtic Engine Oil

Synthetic Engine Oil
Many automakers require owners to use synthetic oils in their cars' engines due to their superior features. Synthetic oils have specific advantages over conventional engine oils.
They are designed to be more effective since they:

  • Have high resistance to oxidation, and therefore can last longer than traditional oils.
  • Have the ability to withstand high temperatures thus can effectively keep the engine running for a very long time.
  • Can flow even in cold temperatures, thus significantly reduce engine wear during cold startups.


Keep Your Engine Cleaner from Sludge Formation
As the engine runs, the oil circulates and can oxidize under high temperatures and form sludge and deposits. With conventional oils, these deposits tend to form more easily, which reduces your engine efficiency thereby reducing the lifespan of your engine. Synthetic oils have better resistance to sludge formation thus prevent deposits from developing in your engine and ultimately offering maximum protection to your engine.

Offer Premium Engine Wear Protection
Engine parts are always in contact with each other and move at high speeds. In the extreme environment, the parts can wear and break down. Engine oil acts as a protective film between the moving components. Synthetic engine oils resist breakdown better than conventional oils; they retain their protective abilities for much longer time thus increasing the lifespan of your engine.

Protect Even Better at High Temperatures
When the engine is running, its components rub against each other and heat is generated. If the engine keeps running for a very long time, conventional oils tend to break down or volatize exposing the moving parts to extreme wear and tear conditions. Synthetic oils are made to withstand high temperatures and maintain an intact film between moving components making them ideal for protecting your engine when driving in extremely hot climates.

Flow better in low temperatures
Engine oils settle when the car is not running, during start up, the oil begins to flow to critical components of the engine in order to protect them from breaking down. Low viscosity synthetic oils take very short time to start flowing through the engine. Additionally, synthetic oils have very low pour points and flow smoothly even in extreme cold winter temperatures. With engine oil that flows quickly during startup and smoothly at any given temperature, your engine stays protected at all time.

Protect critical turbocharger parts
Turbochargers components rotate at very high speeds making it work at very high temperatures. Synthetic oils are created to withstand such temperatures. The high viscosity index of synthetic engine oils allows them to maintain viscosity at high temperatures and better protect turbocharger parts.

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