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CITGO Lubricants provides the best customer service in the business. Nobody is more committed to helping you optimize efficiencies with customized solutions and ROI. We’ll take on any challenge and dig deep to diagnose problems others just can’t see.

From our engineers in our labs to our account managers on the ground to our state-of-the-art LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program to products that are backed by our CITGO Warranty, we understand we’re not just in the business of selling lubricants. We’re in the business of saving you money while helping to keep your equipment running at peak performance. We will increase your operation’s efficiency. You have our guarantee. So let’s talk-and let us prove it.



Your fleet prospects can become fleet customers when they realize the cost savings that can be achieved with qualified commercial heavy-duty CITGO engine oils. We give you two testing and evaluation options to prove it:

  • Fuel Economy/Miles Per Gallon Optimization – guarantees up top 3 percent fuel economy savings.
  • Oil Drain Interval Optimization – guarantees up to triple time between oil changes.

The Guaranteed Efficiency Program is designed to allow fleets to try qualifying CITGO commercial engine oils – and supplemental efficiency products – to demonstrate cost savings at no risk. We are confident that we can improve the efficiency of your fleet. The bottom line is by switching to CITGO-recommended commercial products during a test period, fleets can save up to 3 percent in fuel economy or up to triple the time between oil changes as monitored by our proprietary in-house HD LubeAlert Oil Analysis Program. Guaranteed, or double the money back. Contact us for more information on the program details.



The LubeAlert Oil Condition Monitoring Service (LubeAlert) is a state-of-the-art fluid condition monitoring service used for predictive and preventative equipment maintenance. With decades of collected data,LubeAlert documents trends in a variety of equipment, provides valuable insight into equipment condition and can alert you to developing issues and help plan maintenance activities.

Are you getting the most from your engine oil

CITGO commercial on- and off-highway lubricants feature a complete line of heavy duty products including engine oils, transmission and hydraulic fluids, greases, gear oils and industrial lubricants all designed to help extend the life of your equipment and reduce service interval downtime. Calculate your fleet’s potential savings now.


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About Us

The story of CITGO Petroleum Corporation began in 1910 when engineering innovator Henry L. Doherty, created Cities Service Company. When Cities Service determined in 1965 that it needed to change its marketing brand, it introduced the name CITGO, retaining the first syllable of its long-standing name and ending with “GO” to emphasize power, energy and progressiveness. The now-familiar CITGO trimark was born. Today, we supply lubricants through three company-owned blending facilities and five contract blending and packaging plants across the United States. Our blending and packaging facilities handle more than 2,200 individual formulations. Our lubricants are distributed through a variety of channels, including independent Marketers, direct sales, and national and retail accounts. We can be found in more than 40 countries around the world, and we continue to grow.

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CITGO Lubricants offers a broad spectrum of performance-focused products that exceed industry standards and are available through local, regional and national distributors and retailers. Strategically located manufacturing facilities and a robust distribution network ensure products are readily available and delivered promptly. To learn more about becoming a CITGO distributor, please complete the “Contact Us” form on this page and choose “Become a Distributor.” A CITGO representative will contact you.

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For technical assistance regarding your rebate claim, please contact CITGO Rebate Customer Service at 855-485-2232 Monday – Friday between 8am – 5pm central time, or click here to submit or track your claim.


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